No.7 Wake Up

Wake Up !

Lather up with this creamy Goat’s Milk Soap with PEPPERMINT + SPEARMINT essential oils providing head-clearing vapours which activate the airways and stimulate the brain.

Wake Up is also the perfect soap to use in warm weather with cooling Peppermint bringing the ‘zing’ to your skin.  So set your alarm and be alerted with Wake Up – it’s enough to make morning people of teenagers!

Each bar of this handmade soap contains: olive oil, coconut oil, rice bran oil, goats milk, Tasmanian leatherwood honey, green clay and pure essential oils of Tasmanian peppermint and spearmint.  All of these ingredients are the reason our amazing soaps provide a rich lather that is gentle enough for many skin types.

We ALWAYS use:

  • natural plant oils
  • fresh goats milk
  • pure essential oils

We NEVER use:

  • sodium lauryl sulfate
  • petroleum ingredients
  • animal testing