No.2 Calming


Calming for your skin, Calming for your soul!

A beautiful Lavender + Clary Sage essential oil blend is added to this soap, helping you to reduce stress & tension.

This wonderful herbaceous fusion is also purifying & healing to the skin.  Lavender is renowned for promoting restful sleep and aiding in the relief of headaches.

Keeping a spare Calming bathing soap in the bedside table will mean a good night’s sleep will always be in arms reach.  Keep another in with your ‘smalls’ too, and even some in the linen cupboard.

The aroma will continue to permeate for months, and will come to life once again when used in the shower, bath or basin. Like all of our bathing soaps, these suds are perfect for facial cleansing.

For added lather and fluffy bubbles try Calming with your favourite loofah for a blissful body wash.


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